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Paver Sealing & Sealcoatings in Orlando, FL

Paver sealing extends the life and beauty of your pavers while, at the same time, protecting it from various elements. Maintaining pavers can be a tough task as you battle against the natural effects of wear and tear by sunlight, rain, and human traffic. Brick paver sealing is an all-in-one solution to most of the common paver problems and protects the surface from oil spills, food spills, all types of liquids, tree and animal droppings. Sealing your surface makes it much easier to clean and will help prevent staining.

Extend the Life of Your Pavers

Achieve long-lasting protection and a beautiful, refreshed look for your pavers with Paver Sealing. This process creates a protective barrier against stains, mold, and UV damage, ensuring your outdoor space remains pristine and vibrant. Whether it's a small patio or a sprawling driveway, we have the expertise to fix and level your pavers, giving your property a polished look. Trust us to bring new life to your outdoor areas with our professional paver repair services.

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Paver Projects Start to Finish 

Cleaning Pavers - Includes power washing and the occasional use of chemicals depending on the types of stains present. One of the most important areas of focus is to ensure the sand joints are cleaned properly.

Sealing Pavers - Whether it's concrete, travertine, slate or Tabbystone... our highly experienced team will recommend the specific sealer required to fit your needs.

Paver Repair - Re-leveling bricks, replacing bricks, replacing concrete restraint. We will complete a total restoration of your paver project.


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